Dixie Midnight NO SWEAT™ vent pads

Made Exclusively For Horses By Riders Who Care!
Every One Is Made Right Here In The USA!!
No-Sweat vent pads are guaranteed to perform as described!!
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The Genuine, Original

Dixie Midnight

No-Sweat vent pad

That's Us!!

Dixie and Midnight

23 Years of Equine Excellence  ---  1996 - 2019

To The Tens Of Thousands Of Our Customers From All Over The World -- We Sincerely Thank you For Believing In Us.  Thank You!

To All Of The Tens Of Thousands Of You Who Aren't Our Customers Yet  ---  Welcome!   Your New No-Sweat vent pad Is Ready For You!!!

The Best In Quality.  The Best In Service.  The Best In Performance.


^  And THIS is it!  ^ 

 Now's The Time To Get Your Very Own No-Sweat vent pad! 


SINCE 1996 

  Click the PIC above for ALL the No-Sweat™ vent pad information

This Is....

The Genuine, Original Dixie Midnight No-Sweat™ vent pad! 

Keeps Your Saddle Pad Clean and Dry

Keeps Your Horse's Back Cooler




Here's just a few of the thousands and thousands of No-Sweat vent pad Horses and Their Riders.

Trail Riders, Endurance Riders, NATRC Riders, Gamers, Cutters, Reiners, All Over the World Use 'Em.


Because They WORK!

Find Out WHY They Work Right HERE..... 

Paddy the Horse Competing With His No-Sweat vent pad Keeping His Back Cooler


Hey, LOOK!!  You can SEE me thru my No-Sweat vent pad!!


Stoney the Horse just FLYING with his No-Sweat vent pad on


Danza the Horse On The Trail With His No-Sweat vent pad


NARHA/G.A.I.T. Horses Enjoy Their No-Sweat vent pads As Much As Their Riders Do



Read All About It Inside!

Click the PIC at the top for ALL the No-Sweat™ vent pad information


Find Out WHY The No-Sweat vent pad Works So Well!!

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