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No-Sweat vent pads are guaranteed to perform as described!!
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 Just the FAQS, right here...

And the FAQS are......There is no finer piece of tack made.

This is how the No-Sweat vent pad is placed upon your horse.  Your No-Sweat rests on your horse's back, your saddle pad rests on the No-Sweat,  and your saddle rests upon your saddle pad.

Your horse will be cooler and more comfortable, your saddle pad will stay clean and dry, no matter how hard you ride.

No-Sweat vent pads are used every single day of the year on five continents, in every riding discipline.

Here's how it works:  Your horse's sweat flows easily and freely through the bottom portion of the No-Sweat vent pad, and runs down your horse's side, naturally; it can't reach your saddle pad.  Your saddle pad stays clean and dry.

At the same time, large amounts of fresh air are coming in from all sides of the No-Sweat vent pad, cooling your horse and making his back much more comfortable -- even under a really fuzzy saddle pad!

 Questions.  And The Answers, Too!

  • Does The No-Sweat vent pad Stop My Horse From Sweating?

          Absolutely not.  Your horse will sweat more freely, and without  restriction.  His back will be cooler, and your saddle pads will stay clean and dry.  The No-Sweat vent pad lets his sweat run down his sides without being wicked up into your saddle blanket,  pad or saddle fleeces.

  • Does The vent pad Get Sweaty?

          Only slightly.  Simply rinse your No-Sweat vent pad with a hose when you're done riding to keep it clean and looking just like new.  Shake it out, and it dries in a few minutes.  If you can't rinse it off, for whatever reason, that's no problem -- your No-Sweat vent pad will work fine for you even if it isn't sparkly-clean!  (It's OK to dunk your No-Sweat in the creek to rinse it off, too!)

  • How Soft Is The No-Sweat vent pad?

          Your No-Sweat is made from exclusive heat-sensitive fibers which are very soft at cool temperatures, and get even softer as their temperature rises to match that of your horse's body temperature, 100º F.  A No-Sweat vent pad on a working horse's back is as soft and comfortable as an old flannel shirt!

  •   Does The No-Sweat Conform To My Horse's Back?

          Yes, indeed it does!   The No-Sweat vent pad is soft, light weight, and very flexible -- it'll fit high-withered, low-withered, and even no-withered horses!  It'll fit wide-bodies,  narrow bodies, regular ol' bodies, long-backed, short-backed, and regular-backed horses as well.

  •  Does It Need Special Attention?

           Not a bit!  Once it's dry, (10-15 minutes) you can hang it, fold it, stuff it in a tack box, cram it in a cabinet, throw it in the back of your truck -- it'll take it -- it's tough!

  • What About Cold Weather?

          Your No-Sweat vent pad works in temps from +170° F to -40° F.  This is a good thing in the winter, because your saddle pads will stay clean and dry -- no more bringing 'em into the house to dry 'em out.  No more ice block saddle pad on your horse's back.  No more washing saddle pads, either!

  • Who Can Use It?

          If you ride with a Saddle or bareback pad, you can use the No-Sweat vent pad. On any saddle, with or without a saddle pad. The only place it doesn't seem to work is in the halter classes.

  • How Do I Know It'll Fit?

          No-Sweat vent pads come in 7 sizes, from 24" x 36" to 36" x 46" (they're all listed in the Store).  Pick the size that fits your saddle pad(s).  When your No-Sweat arrives, lay it out on a flat surface. (If you use the kitchen table, don't tell Mom).  Then place your saddle pad on top of the No-Sweat as a pattern, and trim the No-Sweat vent pad with a scissors to fit your saddle pad.  That's it!  TaDaaaa!  A custom fit, every time!  No, your No-Sweat will NOT unravel when you trim it.

  • How Do I Use It?

          That's easy!  Place the No-Sweat vent pad on your horse's back.  Tack up as usual.  Ride.  Untack.  Your saddle pad will be clean and dry.  Nothing to it! 

  • Is It Guaranteed?

          Absolutely!  No-Sweat vent pads are guaranteed to perform as described, for as long as you own them, no matter how hard you ride, or your money back. 

  • I Want One!   

          Great!  Thank you!  Just click here to order your very own!