Dixie Midnight NO SWEAT™ vent pads

Made Exclusively For Horses By Riders Who Care!
Every One Is Made Right Here In The USA!!
No-Sweat vent pads are guaranteed to perform as described!!
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The Genuine, Original

Dixie Midnight

No-Sweat vent pad

Dixie and Midnight

That's US!!!

Old No-Sweat No. 1 Is Still Working After 23 Years!

Home Of The Original  No Sweat™ vent pad!!

(That's Us!)

Accept No Substitutes!

 Don't let another day go by without your horse having a No-Sweat vent pad!!

Place your order today! 

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 Your New No-Sweat vent pad will:

        Keep Your Horse's Back Cooler ... (You KNOW he'll thank you for it!)

        Keep Costly Saddle Pads Looking New ... (And those Not-So-Costly Ones, too!)

        You'll Never Wash A Saddle Pad Again ... (That could be the best part!)




What's NEW about the No-Sweat vent pad???

Since January 1, 2009, ALL No-Sweats are now our Version 2.0.  We field tested for TWO YEARS on hundreds of horses, and, lemme tell ya, it's G-R-E-A-T!!  Everybody who uses it absolutely LOVES it!!

No-Sweat vent pad 2.0:

  1. Is even MORE flexible
  2. Is even SOFTER, (if you could imagine that!)
  3. Is even more effective than No-Sweat 1.0!!!
  4. Is 1/8" thicker
  5. Tested for TWO YEARS on hundreds of horses, they LOVE IT!!!
  6. Has MORE air space for faster, even better COOLING for your horses' backs!
  7. Has the SAME materials as Version 1.0, only some mfg. methods have upgraded.
  8. Still has all of the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial features!
  9. Rinses off even faster, dries quicker, too!
  10. Still keeps your saddle pad clean and dry, no matter how hard you ride!
  11. Is still the best-performing saddle pad on Planet Earth.
  12. >> Guaranteed to perform as described for as long as you own it, or your money back! <<
  13. You get ALL this in the NEW No-Sweat 2.0, and the PRICE is the SAME as the 1.0!!!


A vent pad???

It's a Dixie Midnight No-Sweatvent pad.  If it doesn't say Dixie Midnight, it isn't a No-Sweat™ vent pad. 

There ARE copies of the No-Sweat out there.  They are NOT made the same(no matter WHAT the salesperson tells you), they don't work the same way, and those copy-cat pads CAN hurt your horses!! 

Get the one that works!  The Genuine, Original Dixie Midnight No-Sweat vent pad!

There's nothing like it in the whole world. It's around 3/8" thick, a non-woven, polymeric fabric that's so porous  you can actually see through it. It's extremely flexible, and conforms very nicely to a horse's back.

What's It For?

The No-Sweat™ vent pad completely prevents a horse's sweat from reaching the saddle pad, the saddle (if you don't use a saddle pad), or your britches (if you ride bareback).

But...it doesn't stop the horse from sweating in any way!

Because it doesn't entrap sweat (and therefore heat) your horse's back is much cooler and much healthier. It helps to prevent soreness caused by lactic acid build-up in an overheated back.

•Why Do I Need One??

You want to keep your saddle pad(s) nice and dry and new-looking as you can.  That way they don't wear out, and you save money from not having to buy new ones.  AND...you don't have to wash them because they don't get dirty!!       The No-Sweat does that for you!

You also want to keep your horse's back as cool as possible while you're riding. You DON'T want all that sweat wicked up into a saddle pad just getting hotter and hotter and more uncomfortable for him.  Keep your horse as healthy as can be with a No-Sweat vent pad for fresh air and free-flowing sweat to help his back stay cooler.        The No-Sweatdoes that for your horse!


You're looking THRU a No-Sweat™ vent pad!

The No-Sweat™ vent pad's heat-sensitive fibers -- up close. 


A close-up look thru the No-Sweat™ vent pad!


Now...What The Dickens IS It??

This is a piece of real professional working gear used by thousands of riders every day under the toughest of conditions; from the coldest, highest mountain trails to the driest of deserts to the hottest, dampest swamps.

The  No-Sweat™ vent pad is, and has been, used by smart horse-owners every day for over 20 years on five continents, in every saddle discipline.

No-Sweats™ are guaranteed to work -- under ANY saddle -- with ANY saddle pad!!

When No Sweat™ riders untack at the end of the day, their saddle pads are clean and dry and their horse's backs are cooler and more comfortable than with any other saddle pad!

No-Sweat™ riders don't have to wash dirty horse-sweat from their saddles or saddle pads again!!    Ever!!

  • No-Sweats™ were field-tested on over one hundred horses for over two years before they were allowed to be sold to the general public.
  • You only buy your No-Sweat™ vent pad ONCE!  It doesn't wear out!!
  • No-Sweat™ is the only saddle pad which is guaranteed to perform as described for as long as you own it or your money back.


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Get Your NEW 2.0 Standard 30"x36" No-Sweat™ vent pad TODAY !

Model OS-101,  30x36 for ONLY $149.95!!

That's the NEW Version 2.0!!

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It's The Original -- It's The BEST!

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