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All of our mules (and horses) on our pack strings use your Dixie Midnight pads. They keep our mules and horses cooler and more comfortable while they are working, and they work a LOT!! Thanks for making the best pads!!

Larry & Sherry (Professional Packer)

I love my Dixie Midnight pad! I have used it many times without any other pad, and find it works great and really does keep the horse cooler, and the saddle stays absolutely dry. I've also used it with another pad, and the pad stays completely dry too.

The smooth side goes against the saddle, and the bumpy side to the horse. The bumpy side is soft, though, not abrasive at all and the horses find it perfectly comfortable.

I love mine, it has worked beautifully for years.

D.B. (CTR/Endurance)

I purchased my Dixie Midnight this past year and it is really doing a good job with keeping my horses' back cool and keeping my Skito Dryback clean and dry. I live in the desert near Phoenix.

C.E. (Endurance Rider)


I purchased a vent pad at Equitana in Melbourne Australia. I am very pleased with it and want another one.

Please provide details of Victoria Australia stockists.

Jill C.(Trail Rider)

Thank you very much for sending the fantastic saddle pad. My horse sweats a heck of a lot and he came back dripping Saturday but the spot where the pad had been was so much drier than the rest of him. He must have been so much more comfortable and my saddle pad was clean and dry. It was lovely washing the No-Sweat with just the hose and having it dry for the next day.

Delivery from Florida to the United Kingdom was really quick, too!

Many many thanks for the wonderful pad – I love it and may have to keep it under lock and key and lots of people keep eyeing it up!

Yours really really happy

Dame C.E. (Fox Hunter)

I love it. I can't believe how great the Dixie Midnight pad is. After 13 sweaty rides my beautiful new Skito pad still looks like new. My friends can't believe it either.

Peggy K. (Trail Rider)

Subject : Love my dixie midnight pad


I absolutely love this pad what a difference for my little Foxtrotter.

He loves it too. Thanks so much

Robin O. (Trail Rider)

Just wanted to thank you for getting my pad off to me so quickly! It surprised me to see it arrive on Saturday, when I had just ordered it 2 days before. I really appreciate your 'rush' effort so that I will have it for my trip this week.... it works perfectly with my SportsSaddle and Skito pad. I will gladly recommend your pad AND FRIENDLY SERVICE to my friends!

Pam G. (Trail Rider)


I just came off a moderately paced 75 miler, first ride for the season and first endurance-ride with my Dixie Midnight pad.

I had tried another "cures everything" pad, and it had sored Tempo up horribly, only 3 weeks out from the ride. Did the Chiro thing, and put DMSO on his back twice.Weeelll, one week later after riding, basically all the top layer of hide peeled off his back. The hair stayed on all but a couple of places, the DMSO and "other" pad did quite the number on Tempo.

I had just gotten my DM pad, and it didn't seem to cause any issues with the "bald" spots. I watched Tempo's back like a hawk and decided to try the 75. Not only did his back stay fine, without any issues, he didn't have heat bumps, for the first time! I can say that the Dixie Midnight pad worked for Tempo very well. Thank you SO much!.

Skyla and Tempo (Endurance Rider)

Hi Karl,

I use your Dixie Midnight pad on my horses for every conditioning and competition ride and have been for 3 or 4 years now (and been speaking very highly of your product) The caretakers puppy stole one of the pads last month when someone dropped it on the way to the saddle rack when untacking a the time she got back (about 30 feet and 30 seconds later), the pad was gone and the very cute but very mischievous 10 month old Golden Retriever puppy was no where to be seen and we haven't seen the pad since - and we've looked everywhere!!!

So...I need another pad. Along the way I tried another brand that was cheaper but found it stiffer and rougher in texture so really prefer yours.

Sue B. (Endurance Rider)

Hey Karl---

I had to sit right down and let you know how much I not only enjoy my Dixie Midnight No Sweat Vent Pad, but how much I enjoy the personal service. Here in the Pacific NorthWest you'd be called a great guy, down there I imagine a good ol' boy...but it's always a pleasure to talk to someone as cheerful and friendly as you.

I absolutely love my Dixie Midnight No-Sweat Vent Pad and so does my horse. I've tried others, but none live up to the promises of your product. My beautiful bay gelding gets quite a workout every week and I've been using my Dixie Midnight for a year now. I got it to keep my saddle pad nice and clean, but I discovered three things that are even more important than that:

My horse stays cooler and his sweat pattern is even. My saddle or pads never slip and there are no broken hairs on his loin. This tells me that Gunner likes your product too.

I love the both convenience and cleanliness. When we're camping, I just plunge it into a bucket of water and hang it over the high line for a few minutes---at home it's a hosing over the nearest fence. Funny thing is that my saddle blanket only looks new on the bottom side...the top is getting kinda ratty looking. It's time for a new one.

And it's time to get a Dixie Midnight for my husband too.

Thanks for a fabulous and innovative product.

God bless you and yours.

Susan H. (Trail/Endurance Rider)

I've really enjoyed the vent pad; it does everything you say. All the dust, dirt and sweat is wicked away from my new saddle pad. My horse's back is sweaty with no dry spots, but not heated. And cleaning up is quick and easy.

Thanks again!

Joan (Trail Rider)

Hi Karl,

I just wanted to let you know that my friend and I LOVE the DM pads we purchased in last year. I have used mine under my Sports Saddle and my bareback pad, both have stayed clean and dry. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Lisa S. (Endurance rider)

One of your Dixies even went way across the world to me — to Holland to be precise. And I love it. Not that we got a lot of hot summers but I've got dirty horses and after riding I hose it down and it's clean again. I've had a lot of different remarks about the pad, but the clean pad convinced them, only the price held them back. But that's Dutch isn't it?

Ms. Kuhl (Dressage/Trail Rider)

Ours works GREAT! My husband has a felt pad so he gets to use it and it sure has kept that pad clean. The sweat can run down the mares sides and we still have a nice, dry felt pad.

No-Name Please (Trail Rider)

I've had mine about a year now and WOW! it is THE best deal around! I use it on the horse, then throw the "pretty one" on top! Just hose and air dry after every ride! LOVE THE THING! I've even got mine cut for a western pad configure but I use it under my english tack as well!

Alison L. (Trail Rider)

Thanks Karl! I finally got to ride with mine today. WOW! No sweaty stinky pad & one very happy horse! We're both going to enjoy this pad. My trainer thought it looked pretty nice. Bet you'll be getting an order for more before long!

Cindy B. (Trail Rider)


Just wanted to let you know that I received a Dixie Midnight pad for Christmas (from my husband) and went out today for my first ride with it... it is grand! all I needed to do when we returned was brush my horse, hose off his muddy feet and we were good to go! I imagine he was more comfortable as well. I hosed off the pad andit's ready for the next time - hopefully tomorrow!

Thank you for such a great product.

Shellie B. (Trail Rider)

Well, I ordered one several months ago for my son's new roping horse as I was concerned about the neoprene pads alot of the ropers use heating up too much. I have been very impressed with it. It works just as Karl says, and its so easy to clean, just hose it off when your done. As soon as my foundered horse becomes sound enough to ride again, I am going to order another one for him. It really is nice to take off the pad and its DRY!!!


B.D. (Roper)

I like mine also - a lot less laundry!! Keeps the horse cooler as it promised, too.

Kendle B. (Warmblood /DressageTrainer)

For once a product and manufacturer that both do exactly what they say they will. No hype, no nonsense, just exactly what is stated is done. From the quality of the product to the service, both during and after purchase. Having said that, anyone who knows me personally, knows there are very few products or manufacturers that I am willing to recommend without reservation and this is one of them.

H.P. (Horseman)

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