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Old No. 1 At Work

Old No-Sweat No.1 ...Still Working AFTER 23 YEARS!!!

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Dixie and Midnight

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Vallone Wick

Lee Brown Lee 50 text

These are pictures of Lee (Vallone) Beveridge competing in the middle of a 50-mile Endurance Race using her 10 year-old Dixie Midnight No-Sweat vent pad. 

At the top is Lee going down the trail at the trot.

The picture at the left shows the No-Sweat in position under the saddle and the horse's sweat running down his sides.

The picture at the right shows, graphically, exactly how the No-Sweat vent pad keeps the horse cooler by allowing ALL of his running sweat to get out from under the saddle/pad to help cool him.

The Dixie Midnight No-Sweat vent pad works exactly the same way regardless of what, how, or where you're riding. Trail, Arena Work, Conditioning or Competing, your horse's back will be cooler.

Your Horse NEEDS A Dixie Midnight No-Sweat vent pad!

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Functionality Diagram

Diagram Of How The No-Sweat vent pad Works


Extreme Close-up Of The No-Sweat Fibers.

They Are Rounded and Very Soft For Comfort.

Why It Works

  • No-Sweat™ vent pads are made of interlocked large-diameter polymeric fibers, which are loosely pressed together. (But they can't unravel.)
  • This design creates thousands of air spaces.
  • The air spaces let the air flow over your horse's back, keeping the horse cooler, even under a very fuzzy saddle pad.
  • In the greatly enlarged photo of a No-Sweat (at left) you can see the interlocked fibers, and how smooth and comfortable they are.
  • The warmer the No-Sweat gets, the SOFTER it becomes. At your horse's working temps, the No-Sweat is soft, and very comfortable!

Why Your Saddle Pad Stays Dry

  • Sweat runs unrestricted through the lower part of the vent pad, down your horse's sides, just like it is supposed to.
  • As the sweat leaves your horse, it carries the heat with it, naturally.
  • The upper part of the vent pad provides fresh, cooling air to your horse's back.
  • The sweat from your horse cannot reach your saddle pad because it is running through the vent pad and down his side. Your saddle pad stays dry.
  • No-Sweat™ vent pads are 30" x 36", and ten additional sizes (click here for sizes ) 3/8" thick, and very lightweight.
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Old No. 1 at Work
Old No-Sweat No.1 ...
Still Working AFTER 25 YEARS!!!

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